Melissa has been teaching pupils of all ages and abilities for the past fifteen years.  She enjoys approaching the teaching process in fun and inventive ways and helping pupils to explore their voices, whilst developing a solid grounding in vocal technique.
Melissa has studied singing from the age of eleven and has received vocal tuition from singers including Jenny Karen, Richard Smart, David Lowe, Cathy Benson and Deborah Miles-Jonhson. 


At fifteen, Melissa passed ABRSM Grade 8 singing with distinction and went on to specialise in singing as part of her music degree.  Alongside her classical training, she developed and adapted her technique to suit singing more popular repertoire.  


She has a full understanding of the voice as an instrument and she has been able to utilise her classical training to avoid straining or pushing her voice.  This has shaped her approach to teaching and coaching and she strives to promote the importance of using correct vocal technique when singing. With this understanding, pupils are able to adapt their technique to suit the style of singing, whether in a classical or popular vein. Many of her students have gone on to have successful careers as recording artists and in the West End.


As well as teaching singing, Melissa has an NVQ qualification in Workshop Delivery. She trained at the Rep Theatre in Birmingham, where she devised and delivered drama based workshops for schools in the area.  She has developed and run many music based workshops for both children and adults as well as working with choirs and ensembles.


Melissa also teaches beginners piano and beginners music theory.

"When I first came to Mel I had really lost confidence in my singing, I was afraid to sing out and had been taught some bad techniques. 
Since learning with Mel she has helped me regain my confidence, fix the break in my range, improve pitch & tone, strengthen my voice, improve breathing technique, eliminate strain ,and really improve my emotion and performance of a song.
I never feel criticised when I make mistakes. Mel provides a warm, friendly environment and is always encouraging and supportive.  I really look forward to my singing lessons and continue learning every week. Of course you have to put the work in too! 

Moya Allen


"I've been going to Mel for singing lessons for around 3 years now, and I still find the lessons fun and useful. Mel has a talent for adapting to the individual student and can keep the the lessons interesting. All the techniques she teaches ensure I don't strain or damage my vocals, and are taught in fun exercises. I've improved a lot since starting Mel's classes and so has my confidence. Thanks Mel!"